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The Antique & Art offers a wide range of jewellery services, which are carried out at our own workshop at  site.

We offer the following jewellery services:

  • jewellery making e.g. rings, earrings, brooches, signets, wedding rings etc.
  • restringing of pearls necklaces
  • framing of diamonds and other precious stones
  • enlarging, reducing rings and wedding rings
  • emergency cutting wedding rings and rings on the finger
  • filling in missing stones such as diamonds in old and modern cut diamond, diamond rosettes, diamonds in thin sections of streamlined 8 / 8 and receptions diamond
  • watch cases envelopes and bracelets repair (watch components soldering, cavities without removing the mechanism, face and glass of watch)
  • jewellery reconstruction
  • jewellery renovation
  • jewellery repair with the highest degree of difficulty
  • soldering feet without removing the stones  (emerald, turquoise, opal, pearl, agate )
  • jewellery soldering with enamel, steel, titanium
  • glasses frames soldering  (gold, steel, titanium)
  • can all work in platinum, gold and silver
  • other services on the Client’s individual request

The stones and jewellery entrusted by a Client are valuated, described and weighed at site.

Jewellery is my passion and my whole life, 29 years in the profession as a qualified master of goldsmithing and the specialised the most modern equipment (e.g. micro-welding machine, plasma torch, optical devices, etc.) make things not impossible for me. I am specialised in antiquarian jewellery, which I have contact with in my everyday work and the typical modern jewellery. The guarantee of  jewellery services is my professional experience and knowledge in old goldsmithery techniques. A smile and delight of Sophie Marceau, for whom I made a platinum ring with a large diamond and the pleasure of all Customers are the greatest satisfaction for me.

Piotr Olszewski, M.Sc
Master  goldsmith – jeweller
Member of  the Polish Association of Jewellers

The below photos present examples of repaired jewellery. You can see how they looked before a repair and after, when their original state and look was reconstructed.

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